Stories twin newborns


"Labor was intense and thirty hours long, but I loved the experience so much. The hospital did not want me to go past twelve hours from the time my water broke. They would have given me labor and delivery drugs or a cesarean section in order to birth the baby within their idea of a reasonable timeframe, but Jeri, in accordance with our birth plan and her philosophy, stepped in and was confident I could have a natural, vaginal birth."


"Watching her in action, she is truly a master in her craft. It seems as though birthing babies comes naturally to her. She is so skillful. I joked with her after the delivery that she was part midwife and part ninja. And, she genuinely LOVES her job!!"


"I had an natural childbirth and my son max came out wide eyed and alert, and latched on within 10 minutes of being born. I owe much of my wonderful birth experience to Jeri."


"Frankly, I was biased against using a midwife because I was concerned she would not support my decision to use pain medication during delivery. To my relief, Jeri was open to the idea and discussed with me the pros and cons of each medication, and the best time to use them."


"Ten years ago, I worked at a Health Food Store in Chicago, where the owner Dawn was planning for her second homebirth. I was curious about what inspired her to make that choice. Dawn recommended reading Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin, in addition to other books. Interested in a holistic approach to health, I read the book and thought someday, I might also have a homebirth. "

Jose's baby - A father's perspective on "a perfect birth"

From the moment Jeri walked into the room, there was a remarkable ease that I felt as she deftly coordinated the nurses, checked my wife's progress and quite frankly gave us the go ahead to deliver our child. Jeri's manner of speaking to my wife during her moments of most difficult labor, while allowing me to be completely focused on performing my duties as my wife's birth assistant seemed to me the most natural and reassuring of processes.