Birth Story – Ella

In one of my first meetings with Jeri Zukoski, she said something that made her priorities clear. She was having trouble with a new pager and she jokingly said something like, she wasn't so good with new pagers but was great at delivering ten pound babies!! She certainly did prove to be great at delivering big babies. Ours was nine pounds, but she sure gave us all a run for our money. Jeri saved me from a certain C-section. After being in the hospital for almost ten hours without significant progress and finally close to two hours of pushing, the docs at Alta Bates were breathing down her neck to get me into surgery. Jeri was completely calm and focused, providing me with unparalleled encouragement and coaching. Watching her in action, she is truly a master in her craft. It seems as though birthing babies comes naturally to her. She is so skillful. I joked with her after the delivery that she was part midwife and part ninja. And, she genuinely LOVES her job!! When we heard our baby's heart beat for the first time, I don't know who was more excited, me or Jeri!! I really didn't believe that someone who has birthed thousands of babies could be that genuinely excited, but time and time again that sincerity and her excitement and love of new life showed itself. I could go on and on; I have nothing but outstanding things to say about our experience having Jeri Zukoski deliver our daughter. If you want more scoop feel free to contact me. -