Birth Story – Jose's Baby

A father's perspective on "a perfect birth"

The birth of our second child was an amazing experience. Although our first birthing experience allowed us to have the familiarity to not be nervous about the process of birth, our midwife Jeri made this blessed event a truly wonderful and we dare say prefect birth. Jeri's calm and nurturing manner was balanced perfectly with her professionalism and obvious knowledge about birthing. From the phone calls early in the day when my wife was in her early stages of labor Jeri allowed us to naturally run our course of preparation as a family welcoming their newest member. When we arrived at the hospital that afternoon there was about 10 minutes of shuffling around as the nurses began their procedures. From the moment Jeri walked into the room, there was a remarkable ease that I I felt as she deftly coordinated the nurses, checked my wife's progress and quite frankly gave us the go ahead to deliver our child. Jeri's manner of speaking to my wife during her moments of most difficult labor, while allowing me to be completely focused on performing my duties as my wife's birth assistant seemed to me the most natural and reassuring of processes. Even as my attention was drawn completely to my wife's final pushes it was Jeri's voice that kept me present to the arrival of my son who was just coming into the world as she told me to reach down and catch my baby. I am compelled to say that while I was aware that however this birth had happened I am sure I would have been awestruck by the miracle of such an event, I had not dreamt that our midwife would facilitate our son's birth in a manner that felt almost perfect.

Jose Fernandez,
March 14, 2004