Birth Story – Max

I am extremely grateful to my midwife, Jeri Zukoski and felt compelled to write a recommendation for her. I gave birth a little over two weeks ago to a healthy baby boy. I had an all natural childbirth and my son Max came out wide eyed and alert, and latched on within 10 minutes of being born. I owe much of my wonderful birth experience to Jeri. My son had two "malpositions":he was asynclitic (his head tilted so he rammed against my pelvic bone) and posterior (facing forward vs. towards my back). These two positions created a very, very painful and intense back labor throughout the whole labor. I was stuck at 4 centimeters because of Max not being in the right position. At this point, many caregivers would have gone to a cesarean. Jeri had the knowledge, experience and will to turn the baby. She reached inside of me and for thirty minutes turned my baby during contractions. I dilated from 4 centimeters to 7 quickly and went on to have my baby vaginally. The doula was in awe of my midwife and said that very few doctors/midwives could have done what she did. In addition, throughout this whole process, Jeri had my complete trust: I respected her and she always provide me with choices throughout. The two of us worked as a team. She radiates calmness and serenity and has a huge reservoir of experience to draw from. I just can't stop singing her praises! On top of all of this, she clearly loves her work and deeply cares about her patients and their newborns. I highly recommend her. She has her own practice but delivers at Alta Bates and also does home births. Her number is (510) 530 3374

Kathleen Wilson,
Very happy new mom