"Your assurance, good humor, and professionalism provided us with confidence in ourselves and our baby. Every moment with him in our lives is more spectacular than the next. But what will always be the most important moment was that first one together as a family"

Monica, Genesis and Augustine

"You made our first birth very special. It was nice to know that we and our baby were in good hands."

Dori, Chad and Samantha

"You are such an awesome midwife and I feel so pleased that you were the one there for Ethan's safe and healthy entrance into this World. I am also so grateful that there are people out there like you who advocates VBAC deliveries - the whole experience was so totally amazing and life-changing for me. Your skill and supportive words throughout the pregnancy and labor made such a difference."

Anne, vaginal birth after cesarean

baby on roses

"I had two long inductions and a cesarean - and that was just with my first child. With my second pregnancy we hired Jeri, knowing that I needed the more personal, gentle and supportive care needed for VBAC. Our daughter was born naturally in the hospital with her help. I was so grateful for the quick recovery as a second time mom. Thanks to Jeri, our whole family benefitted from my successful VBAC. Midwives rock!"

Heidi Bartsch

"My two home births were with Jeri. She is a true midwife and I can recommend her with my life. Because of her incredible faith and support, I returned to Israel with the vision of building Motherwise (Derech Em). There are thousands of mothers that were educated in Motherwise with her inspiration, and even saw her in the film of my son Adam's birth. [...] So, have a wonderful birth, Jeri will be with you with all her heart and soul"


"I was always treated in an open and friendly way . I appreciated that it was ok to bring my children to appointments. [...] I was concerned about being 2 weeks past my due date and was given many suggestions as to how to 'get things moving'"


To order flowers by Jeri, email her at jerifleur@mail.com. One of her talent is flower art for your special day, be it birth, showers or weddings! Allow 24-48 hours for the processing on your order.